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Who Will Buy Your Business? (And how can you get them to pay more for it?)

So the time is coming, in the next couple of years, to sell your business and enjoy the next stage of your life.  In your future, nothing but sunny days and sunset margaritas, as you live off the value built over years and years of blood, sweat and overcoming fears.  Over the past couple of years, we have met with dozens of business owners in the same position, and very few have a clear idea of who will buy their business. So let’s talk about the five most common business buyers: Private Equity When comparing the size of business buyers’ pools of money, private equity is like the Pacific Ocean. […]

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Three Strengths (According to Owners) That Might Actually DECREASE Business Value

When we work with business owners to enhance the value and sellability of their businesses, we often facilitate a SWOT analysis, involving owners and their senior managers.   This is usually an efficient and effective way to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relevant to their companies.  Then we put our “purchaser hat” on, to evaluate how buyers might perceive the SWOT results, and to identify their impact on value. But business owners don’t always perceive value factors the same way that potential purchasers do.  In many cases, we hear owners speak proudly about perceived strengths, unaware that those same factors might increase risk, and consequently decrease value, in the […]

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VEER Business Advisors featured in ‘Business In Vancouver’!

We’re very excited to share that on May 24, 2016, Bob Lawrence from VEER Business Advisors Ltd. was featured in an article in Business in Vancouver.  Bob was interviewed by First West Capital‘s Vice President, Robert Napoli, to discuss  what it takes for business owners to prepare for exiting their business.  The article is part of a regular series on ‘Money Matters’ that Robert writes for BIV.  We hope you enjoy it!   Business owners need to have corporate exit plans at the ready by Robert Napoli Over the past decade there has been much speculation over when a wave of baby boomers would sell their businesses. Study after study predicted a mass transition […]

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“Just in case…”: The Importance of a Contingency Plan for Your Business

Have you ever dreamed of selling your business and retiring to pursue a lifelong passion or hobby?  Hopefully, with a solid transition plan in place, that will happen. But, let’s face it. Life is unpredictable. There is no guarantee that you will live to see tomorrow’s sunrise. So, it’s important that you prepare for the least desirable exit option of all … the possibility of your death or disability before you have the chance to exit your business on your terms. Having a contingency plan in place provides the necessary backup in the event the unexpected happens.  This plan should be in writing and should outline what actions you want […]

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