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Acquisition & Due Diligence Support

Looking to grow your business via acquisition, or purchase a business to operate? Our team can help navigate the complex quantitative and qualitative analyses required to support a successful private enterprise merger or acquisition.

Due Diligence

When considering an acquisition, the importance of conducting “due diligence” cannot be overstated. Due diligence is a critical step in determining not only the actual past performance of a company, but also understanding the reasons behind historical and forecasted trends, and how these impact a purchaser.

Depending on the scope of the potential acquisition, due diligence can touch on many aspects of the business including financial, tax, legal, human resources, and environmental aspects. When conducted properly, due diligence should help purchasers answer the following questions:

  • Is the purchase price fair?
  • Is the information provided by the vendor complete and reliable?
  • What are the risks that may compromise future earnings potential?
  • What are the opportunities that could drive future earnings potential?
  • What is the appropriate level of working capital to have at closing?
  • Has the vendor maintained appropriate past levels of capital expenditures?
  • What liabilities will the purchaser “inherit” at closing?

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