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Shareholder Dispute Resolution

Many private businesses start, grow and thrive based on the joint efforts of two or more partners.  Their business lives – and often much of their personal lives – become intertwined.  But as exit/retirement approaches, quite often their personal, family and business objectives are no longer aligned, leading to stress and conflict.

At VEER Business Advisors, our team has experience helping shareholders navigate the complex, lengthy and emotional disputes in the following scenarios:

  • Determining ownership interest and value
  • Structuring partner/shareholder buyouts
  • Divorce settlements
  • Corporate restructuring proposals

Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants works closely with shareholders and their trusted advisors to provide sincere, third party advice, based on the reality of the business and each shareholders’ unique goals.  With a special focus on communication, mediation and fair resolutions, we look to provide our clients with the best possible solution while managing costs.

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