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Transition Support

After the closing date, a business transition is anything but complete. Particularly for new owners and next generation successors, the day after closing marks a new beginning, and the first actions taken in that time are critical to ensure a successful transition.

Our experienced team works with private companies before, during, and after an ownership transition to establish foundations of continuity, support, open communication, and re-energized corporate cultures.

Some of our success stories include:

  • Assisting new management teams in mitigating risks around management training, establishing performance management techniques, reporting requirements, and communication lines
  • Helping establish a strategic foundation for second generation owners, while creating new roles and responsibilities for the previous generation
  • Identifying management successors (both internal and external to the company) and gradually delegating control and ownership to these new leaders
  • Developing personal development tracks for successors to build entrepreneurial skills, confidence and leadership
  • Navigating family business dynamics to establish a multigenerational succession plan


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