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Value Enhancement & Exit Readiness

Value Enhancement & Exit Readiness (VEER)

All business owners will one day exit their business, either voluntarily or involuntarily; being prepared just makes sense. If exiting is in your short term plans, our team can help walk you through the steps you can take to enhance the value of your business and make the process smooth and rewarding. And even if you have no specific exit plans, the steps to enhance business value also make great sense for optimizing performance, and will ensure you are ready in case unforeseen circumstances expedite your exit.

Phase 1 – The VEER Assessment

Contact us to get startedThe Value Enhancement and Exit Readiness (VEER) Assessment has been developed to identify specific, measureable actions, custom-fit for each individual business and owner, that will enhance its value and saleability in the eyes of prospective purchasers.  The VEER Assessment includes the following six steps:

1. Goals Assessment
A. Identify business, personal and family goals
B. Provides a framework for the entire exit plan

2. Financial Needs Assessment
A. Determine how much is needed from the sale to achieve goals
B. Normally prepared by personal financial planner

3. Business Value Enhancement
A. Determine approximate “baseline” value of business
B. Identify and prioritize measures to increase value of business before exit

4. Exit Options Analysis
A. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each exit option
B. Identify exit option(s) that best achieve goals

5. Net Proceeds Analysis
A. Calculate net proceeds to be received under each exit option based on various value/sale price assumptions

6. Action Plan
A. Identify and prioritize specific tasks
B. Assign responsibility and identify timing of tasks
C. Schedule regular meetings with those accountable to ensure success

Phase 2 – VEER Action Implementation

Most business owners have a drawer where they keep consultant reports, strategic plans and other similar documents that were never implemented.  We don’t want the VEER Assessment Report to end up in that drawer.  Once a business owner has their VEER assessment in hand, they will know exactly what needs to be accomplished to ensure their business is “exit ready”, and to maximize its value in the eyes of potential purchasers. VEER Business Advisors will continue to work with them, through a series of monthly or quarterly meetings, to ensure that actions are completed, that the plan is updated with any new information or changing circumstances, and that new actions are identified and assigned.

Exit planning is a process, not an event. And when the time comes that the business owner is ready to “pull the trigger”, we will be right beside them throughout the whole process.

Most business owners, upon receiving their VEER Assessment Report, retain us to support them in implementing the actions and enhancing their business value. To learn more, contact us.